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Club 1872 Elections - Posted Wednesday 21st September 2016

Well tomorrow begins the voting for the first elected board for Club 1872 – the org which aims to bring together the Rangers Support. It's been a long journey from the beginning of Rangers First to here but I believe that Club 1872 has massive potential to benefit The Rangers Support and achieve the goals that prompted the formation of the various fans groups. We need a strong collective shareholding voting block to help ensure that the problems of the past cannot occur again!

There are a number of great candidates in the upcoming election but here at The Louden we are encouraging everyone to please consider the three candidates that we have proposed in the election:

James Blair
Iain Leiper
Iain Martin

James Blair – James was one of the key driving forces behind making Rangers First a success. A top class solicitor who put untold unpaid hours of work into helping RF right from the very beginning, he's someone who I trust implicitly to do the right thing for the fans. He is an avid believer and promoter of the one member one vote ethos of RF and is looking to stand for one more year to ensure that this is enshrined in Club 1872 as well as allowing him to be in a position to do essential legal work that is required by the org and that no other candidate standing has the required skill set to perform. James is also Club Secretary with Rangers and would be a great conduit directly with the Rangers board. I honestly believe that James' appointment is essential for ensuring the health and long-term success of Club 1872. Please consider voting for him.

Iain Leiper – Known to many on social media and forums as D'Artagnan, he is someone who I am delighted has decided to stand. He's a passionate, thoughtful and diligent Rangers Supporter who will always put the Rangers Family above all else. He's also someone who for years has always worked hard to remain free of bias and his opinions are always worthy of consideration – bringing that to the board of Club 1872 would be a superb asset for the org and one I hope you all look at. Iain would be an ideal candidate for helping to bring together the Rangers Supporters Clubs. Please have a look at his hustings presentation and ask yourself if his feelings mirror your own – I'm sure many of you will feel the exact same way and will want to vote for Iain.

Iain Martin – Iain Martin has been with Rangers First from the very beginning and is one of the unsung heroes of Rangers First. A likeable guy with a personality as big as he is! He is the kind of guy who helped Rangers First be successful, anything asked of him he would do his utmost – Club 1872 will need people who are approachable and available. Big Iain never misses a game and will always be there to spread the word of Club 1872. Iain will do anything to help The Rangers Family and I would be really chuffed to see him elected!

Well that's our 3 – we have the final hustings tonight to see which of the other candidates sway us to vote for them. There are some really good candidates that have and help fulfil different skillsets and demographics and it's a really hard and personal choice. If you are passionate about something that a candidate brings then by all means vote for them!

No matter who is elected we will be getting behind Club 1872 100% and I hope everyone else does too.

Remember it's your vote to elect whoever you choose!

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